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ID115U HR Smart Bracelet Waterproof Slim Fitness Tracker

ID115U HR Smart Bracelet Waterproof Slim Fitness Tracker
ID115U HR Smart Bracelet Waterproof Slim Fitness Tracker Display pictures2

Fitness Tracker HR Smart Bracelet,Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Smart Wristband with Calorie Counter ID115U HR Smart Bracelet Waterproof Slim Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Pedometer Calories and Sleep Monitor Wristband

Product Features:

1. Health monitoring (sleep monitoring, heart rate detection)

2. Motion monitoring (pedometer, calorie consumption, distance)

3, other functions (call. SMS reminder. Sedentary reminder. Alarm reminder. Remote control camera. Intelligent anti-lost. Voice broadcast. GPS track)

4, social software messaging (WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, line, etc.)


5, APP supports 13 languages (what language is the mobile phone, APP automatically follows)

Product advantages:

1, high-end gift box packaging 2, the bottom shell sprayed silver paint over UV 3, private model traditional watch buckle strap


Strict quality requirements, six quality inspection standards. factory Outlet

Quality process: 1, semi-finished product full detection (touch, heart rate, screen)

                2, charging aging full detection (battery charging, power consumption)

                3, full function detection after the glue (touch, heart rate, screen)

                4, aging again full detection (battery charging, power consumption)

                5, vacuum machine waterproof full detection (waterproof)

                6, function + appearance detection (QC full inspection appearance, touch, heart rate, screen, QA personnel after sampling and then re-stocking)

We can support open SDK (API) underlying protocol, bracelet data docking, ibeacon, APP customization, UI customization, firmware customization, private mode customization.

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