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KW88, it’s about identity!

Possessing smartphones with functions of physical activity monitoring and synchronization, there are many users who also wants  smartwatches with a classic looks. 


Today's proposal goes in that direction.

Special design with gorgeous packaging, you deserve one!


KW88 is an Android smartwatch, with a circular screen of 1.39 inches and a resolution of 400 × 400 pixels. With RAM 512 MB and 4 GB of internal storage, it comes with an MTK6580 processor.

Supporting Nano SIM card for 3G network, it allows users to access the Internet, make calls and exchange SMS autonomously without relying on smartphones. Also serves as an extension of smartphones, being able, through the watch, to receive notifications and to synchronize the registered values during physical activity.

Comes with Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0, it also has functions like heart rate monitoring, pedometer and 2MP camera. What's more, the battery capacity is up to 400 mAh.



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