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Turning Smartwatches into Assistive Tech for Seniors

Smartwatches are more than high-tech fashion accessories for millennials, or the next wave of mobile devices for on-the-go consumers. They are also transforming the healthcare space, particularly for seniors.

Innovative software developers are leveraging the sophisticated sensors in wearable devices to create solutions that help seniors age in place, while remaining continuously connected to the healthcare providers and caregivers who want to keep them safe.

For instance, Reemo is currently piloting a solution that provides assistive tech for seniors. By combining the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch and SmartThings connected home technology, Reemo enables seniors to perform everyday household tasks with a flick of the wrist. By using simple hand gestures, for example, users can operate lights, locks, thermostats, televisions and smart appliances.

Meanwhile, care providers receive important data that enables them to remotely monitor patients’ health and well-being. “We give care providers and family members a snapshot of the senior’s daily life,” explains John Valiton, chief revenue officer for Reemo. “You can tell what time they got up, which rooms they’re spending the most time in, which tasks they’re having trouble with and when their health starts declining. This helps everyone make decisions about how the next level of care should be entered into based on data, rather than just emotional or anecdotal evidence.

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